Middle Eastern Lamb Stew

I’m not usually one to cook much Middle-Eastern food but this was honestly delicious. I surprised myself by making something so tasty despite its simplicity. No fancy cooking skills required!

[Serves 2]


300ml water

2tbsp stock powder (I use chicken)

150g couscous

250g lamb mince (or quorn mince)

1 courgette

50ml tagine paste

2tbsp tagine garnish

1 carton chopped tomatoes

A handful of coriander


1. Boil the water in a pan, dissolving in gradually half the stock and then remove it from the heat to add the couscous.

2. Cook the mince in a pan until browned, breaking up and removing any excess fat.

3. Chop the courgette lengthways then in 1cm slices widthways, then chop the coriander.

4. Lower the meat to medium heat and add the courgette for 2 minutes, then adding the rest of the stock, tagine paste, garnish, and chopped tomatoes until you bring it to the boil.

5. The reduce to a medium heat for 10 minutes until the courgette is soft, stirring every now and then before adding the coriander.

6. Now all you have left to do is fluff up the cous cous before serving into onto plates and adding the tagine on top, on the side, mixed in… it’s up to you!

And voilà, chef in no time!


Let me know in the comments how yours turns out 🙂

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